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1. Used string instrument will be donated to someone whose living standard is low so that they will not miss a chance of learning string instruments solely because they cannot afford the expensive instruments. By doing so, love and warmth can be spread over the city.

2. By participating in the campaign, the used string instruments will be repaired and donated to someone who is in want of. Also, old instrument’ lives can be prolonged.


1. School children interested in or learning violin / viola from low income family of family receiving social security assistance.

2. Charities which mainly help the low income families.

* Some renewed string instruments are ready for people who confirm to the requirement to come and get it. Please contact us for more details.


1. Types of instruments to be collected: Intact violin and viola with case, preferably with bow as well.

2. Collection site: Please bring your instruments along to our company.

*Donators will receive a thank-you card which is written by benefited people and a SOLO STRINGS HKD100 cash coupon for purchasing string instruments.