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About Solo Strings

About Us

We are group of professionals expertise in string instruments. We insist on bring you a standard of what a true instrument should be – from the way it built, it looked to how it sounded.

Our instruments include handcrafted violin, viola, cello, bass, fine antique instruments and restoration service. Instruments are displaced in our showroom located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Our team brings you only the top quality string instruments throughout the world. Our professional representatives are eager to share their knowledge with you, and collect your feedback for improvements.

Our Motto

We envision in discovering the myths and secrets of the great masters in the 18th century, and by applying nowadays technology to recreate the celebrated instruments, both tone and appearance.

Our Philosophy

We believe there are 4 essential elements in building a superior instrument, which are the craftsmanship, the choice of wood, the varnish, and the all-rounded experience.

Choice of Wood

Over 300 m3 of wood is stocked in humidity and temperature controlled warehouse for at least 5 years. The purpose is to simulate the climate of northern Italy, which gives an opportunity for the wood to dry up its midst and oxidize the resin.

Adequately aged wood also minimize the problem of crack, deform, and helps the further acoustic development of the instrument. The type of woods stocked includes maple, spruce, pine and ebony and some amount of their varieties.


All instruments made by Solo Strings are handcrafted by skilful hands. We believe only skilful hands can take the smallest difference in material into account, which brings each instrument its own character.